Flute Stands

The flute stands are produced in two models:

Carbon Fiber:

Used for single larger flutes


stand: carbon fiber tube; a very strong and very light material.


center: polyethylene; a light and tough plastic.


weight: about 600 grams


legs: 32 cm long each( attachable to the center ) with plastic caps at the ends for protection



The center pin is approximately 45cm long for the Contrabass flute ( sizes for other flutes differ )


On each end of the center pin, Plexiglas discs are glued surrounded by rubber rings.



Used for four smaller flutes


Sizes rods:

6 mm

15 mm

20 mm

25 mm


total size base:

34 cm x 5 cm

31 cm x 5 cm


weight: about 500 grams



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